Achieve That Perfect Custom Gold Grillz Fit with Professional Dental Molds!

People have been embellishing their teeth with precious metals and gems for thousands of years. In the ancient Mayan civilization, teeth were adorned to show wealth. Archaeologists examined remains that had elaborate dental work, often indicating societal status. While there were decades where tooth embellishments weren't at the forefront of style, today, custom grillz are growing in popularity. Data shows that in the last decade, online searches such as "tooth gems" and "Gold Grillz" have seen an increase in searches of more than 85% year after year. Because of the rise in popularity, many dentists, jewelry professionals, and custom gold grillz creators have made this customization practice part of their businesses to keep in line with the trend.

A custom gold grillz is a significant investment. Getting the desired outcome lies not only in the jeweler or creator but also in your dental molds' accuracy. Because bespoke grillz are designed to fit your teeth and gums perfectly, having a professional dental mold done can be the difference between loving your gold grillz or having ill-fitted grillz that, over time, can cause damage to your teeth and gums. In this blog, we'll dive into dental molds and why getting them done professionally is the best way to start your custom grillz project and get the perfect fit.

What is a professional dental mold?

Dental molds, also called dental impressions, are commonly used in dentistry for various purposes where creating a replica of a person's teeth and oral tissue is necessary. The dental impression will show your teeth and gums and is used to create mouth guards, whitening trays, retainers, crowns and bridges, veneers, dentures, implants, and, today – unique bespoke grillz, embellished with jewels and precious metals to create an incredible look. Sometimes the tray, or mold, is done for the top and bottom teeth or can be done for both.

What happens during the custom dental mold procedure?

There are two commonly used procedures for making dental impressions. The process for both can take one to several weeks to create the final product depending on how busy the lab is.

  •  Putty method

A putty-like solution is placed into a tray and put in your mouth over your teeth. The putty sets in a minute or two and hardens, creating an impression of your teeth and gums. This impression is sent to a laboratory where a technician will pour stone into your dental impressions to make a cast of your mouth.  

  •  Digital dental impressions
The 3D method takes digital pictures of your mouth with a handheld wand, creating a 3D representation of your entire mouth. The photos are sent to a lab to make the physical cast, and your grillz is created from that cast.


Professional Dental Molds vs. DIY Amateur Dental Molds

By accurately depicting your teeth and gums, our team can print and cast one-of-a-kind gold grillz. These works of art can include stones or other metals of your choosing. Extra details such as engravings, accents, and gemstone settings all depend on the dental mold being accurate.

If you are offered the choice of making an in-home dental mold or getting a professional one, consider your investment and choose wisely. The professional mold can be used repeatedly for additional sets of Brooklyn grillz. See what you can expect with professional and amateur molds below:

 Professional Dental Molds

  • Creates accurate diagnostic models of your mouth
  • It shows how your dental arches fit together
  • Shows the size and relationship of your teeth
  • Accurately displays gum tissue to ensure no damage to soft tissue
  • Allows for accuracy in dental restorations
  • Provides the best fit possible
  • Allows multiple uses to create grillz again and again

 Amateur Dental Molds

  •  You may get poor results, leading to an ill-fitting grillz
  • A poorly fitting grillz can be lost or damaged
  • A poorly fitting grillz may be uncomfortable to wear
  • An amateur mold may not accurately capture the position of your teeth and gums
  • Client-provided grillz mold = amateur grillz mold

Whether you are getting a couple of teeth created or investing in a new set of custom gold grillz, getting a professional dental impression done is the best choice. Mapping the best design begins with an accurate dental mold and helps to ensure satisfaction from start to finish. Brooklyn grillz from Common Rite Supply will only fit as well as the mold the casting and setting are created from. You'll want your investment to express your unique individuality and reflect your beautiful, memorable smile in a way that only your perfect-fit custom Brooklyn-made grillz can!

Common Rite Supply is Brooklyn New York’s finest creator of gold grillz and one of a kind jewelry. Owner Peggy Portals uses her designs for CRS as a medium to explore the paradoxes of duality. CRS jewelry is recognizable by her use of asymmetry, mixed metals, incorporation of mouth, eye + hand motifs and unique utilization of precious materials. Portals is inspired by the tension between the archetypes of the wise + fool as well as mortality of the wearer + the immortality of the materials. Portals sees jewelry as an age-old celebration of human creativity - a common rite.