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Peggy Portals - born Sara Bautista - is a San Francisco native and currently Flatbush, Brooklyn based.

I founded Common Rite Supply in 2020 during Lockdown. I design and produce my distinctive fine jewelry collection in NYC's Diamond District.

I have a BA in American Studies from Scripps College and am a GIA Graduate Diamonds alum. During my five year tenor in the jewelry industry, I have worked professionally in the SF, LA + NYC jewelry districts.

Portals uses her designs for CRS as a medium to explore the paradoxes of duality. CRS jewelry is recognizable by her use of asymmetry, mixed metals, incorporation of mouth, eye + hand motifs and unique utilization of precious materials. Portals is inspired by the tension between the archetypes of the wise + fool as well as mortality of the wearer + the immortality of the materials. Portals sees jewelry as an age old celebration of human creativity - a common rite.

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Portrait by Circe Hamilton