About Common Rite Supply | Peggy Portals

Common Rite Supply specializes in bespoke gold teeth & fine jewelry. Peggy Portals - the artist and founder born Sara Gonzalez-Bautista - handcrafts custom grillz using the lost wax process & innovative techniques. Common Rite is produced with the help of a valued team of expert jewelers in New York City’s famed Diamond District. 

A San Francisco native, Peggy relocated to Brooklyn, NY from Los Angeles, CA where she founded Common Rite in 2020. Before entering the jewelry industry in 2018, Sara earned her BA in American Studies from Scripps College. Sara has worked in the San Francisco, Los Angeles & New York City jewelry districts for independent brands as a fine jewelry specialist. In all aspects of her work, Peggy is inspired by the transformative nature of history and the tension between wisdom and foolishness. The result is Common Rite’s trademark: asymmetrical reinterpretations of classic silhouettes and unique bespoke grillz.

“My jewelry design practice is informed by from my fascination with humanity’s age old compulsion to collect + organize and ultimately transform raw materials into artifacts of personal histories. I think it is a tremendous honor to create jewelry that could one day be a heirloom that takes on new dimensions of significance to the inheritor. As a student of history - I have learned that it is: dangerous to make assumptions, that contradictions are inevitable, that multiple truths can exist at once and how important it is to not conflate status with inherent value to the extent that our common humanity is forgotten. I hope my work reminds the wearer to realize true riches.”

Sara is a mentee of Emerald Expo’s COUTURE show and Bijules Incubator programs. In 2021, Sara was awarded a full scholarship from the Diamonds Do Good foundation to pursue a Gemological Institute of America’s Graduate Diamonds certification. Sara was awarded her Graduate Diamonds certification in 2022.

Sara’s debut fine jewelry collection launched in June 2022 at the COUTURE Show in Las Vegas in collaboration with the De Beers’ Code of Origin Diamonds initiative. Her 18k yellow and white gold collection features five, round brilliant Code of Origin white diamonds in five original designs including three rings, one necklace and one set of gold teeth.

Personal moodboard website is https://mmm.page/peggyportals.unhinge

Image by Circe Hamilton