"Sara Bautista and her jewelry are a lot of fun. But underlying her sense of playfulness is the work of a true artist who is using their chosen medium—jewelry—to send a message. 

On June 27, three days after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Bautista shared a picture of her “Paradigm” ring (pictured below at left) on Instagram and wrote that the design of the ring was inspired by “everything going on right now.” 

She said she made the post in reference to the Supreme Court’s decision but was also speaking to the broader culture wars currently engulfing the United States. 
From a distance, the ring looks like barbed wire but, upon closer inspection, the viewer can see it depicts hands, an expression of the idea that we all have a hand in what is going on right now.
We are all, Bautista wrote on Instagram, “witnesses and conspirators in our shared realities,” some with the power to make others’ lives more difficult and to rob them of choice.

Bautista is the designer behind Common Rite Supply and her capsule collection is called 'Realize True Riches'.”
Distinctive Points of View - National Jeweler