Bespoke Grillz Process

 All bespoke grillz are handcrafted by Peggy Portals for each unique set of teeth.

Please remember:
Grillz can only fit as good as the mold it was made from.
Professional dental molds are highly recommended and preferable.

Step 1.
The design deposit is a required fee for all custom grillz.

For your dental molds, you must select in-person molding service option
OR client-provided mold option

Complete purchase. Receive and save your order number.

Step 2.
Fill out the grillz customization form using your order number from Step 1.

Step 3.
Peggy will contact you within 1-2 days of your completion of Steps 1 & 2.
If your project is not approved, you will be fully refunded.

For more questions please email